Come check out our cutting edge gym in out office. We both offer the Vasper, Car.o.l and ARX. These workout machines offers you the latest within technology and workout. Working out smarter rather than harder allows you to have an optimal workout every time.

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“New technology and the current “Risk to Reward Ratio” of lifting weights has paved the path to a breakthrough in strength training”.

Using old school weights have been the standard for building muscle and strength training for the last 70 years, until the arrival of the ARX (Adaptive Resistance Exercise) Machine. Unlike conventional weights and machines:

  • The ARX provides different resistance for Concentric (Lifting) & Eccentric (Lowering) motion because you can handle more weight during eccentric motion than concentric. Weights can’t take advantage of that fact to build greater strength.

  • The ARX’s onboard computer tracks progress over your last workout with user-friendly graphs so you’re always focused on getting stronger.

  • Workouts can be handled in minutes per week instead of hours.

  • Workout related injuries are all but eliminated.

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“Supercharge your metabolism in just 21 minutes. No Sweat!”

The Vasper System provides you with the latest technology to shed fat, improve definition, and do it in a fraction of the time needed for a conventional workout. The secret behind its 21-minute low-intensity workout is in its ability to significantly boost your own body’s production of Human Growth Hormone through a patented combination of muscle compression and cooling. It not only reshapes your body but also gives you several other proven benefits like:

  • Noticeably Improved Sleep Quality

  • Significantly Enhanced Libido

  • Rejuvenated Mood, Cognition and Focus

  • Optimized Endurance

  • Reduced Inflammation and Pain



“Want the benefits of a 45-minute jog compressed into a simple 40-second workout? Ask CAROL”.

After 4 years of tireless research and development by top medical, fitness and software experts; a breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence can now provide you with personalized recommendations for the best cardiovascular workout you’ve ever experienced. CAR.O.L (CARdiovascular Optimization Logic) is a self-learning A.I. fitness program that will not only provide you with significant leaps in cardiovascular endurance in less time, it also shows you the most effective way to burn calories faster than you’ve ever thought possible. If you haven’t gotten the results you’ve wanted with HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), Then it’s time to hire CAROL as your next personal trainer. The facts speak for themselves.

CAROL’s “MIT (Maximum Interval Training) Approach”:

  • Starts burning fat significantly faster, because it uses your body’s glucose storage in 10 to 20 seconds, not 30 to 45 minutes like High Intensity Interval Training does.

  • Keeps burning calories up to 48 hours after the workout.

  • Is personalized to your unique physiology to get the most out of your workout.

  • Is backed by 34 studies published in prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals.

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