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Let's face it: life is better when we look and feel our best. Our goal is to help each patient achieve optimal health by incorporating realistic long-term lifestyle changes. Dr. Passler has been in practice for over 20 years. His education, experience, and use of state of the art equipment, allows him to achieve optimal results with each patient. Determining each patients needs and formulating an individualized treatment plan for every patient is the core of his success. 

To achieve our results we offer the following; Dietary Guidance, Kinesiology, Functional Testing, Cranial Electrical Stimulation, Lymphatic Drainage, Biofeedback, Sound and Light Therapy, as well as Detoxification programs. Our tests include the evaluation of the following areas: thyroid, digestion, stress handling capacity, detoxification, metabolic rate, cardiac health and nutritional needs.

A visit in our office may include; testing for basic food allergies, metabolic rate testing, testing for optimal heart rate for weight loss and endurance, testing to determine proper nutritional requirements, testing for proper breathing related to stress management. This information will be used to develop individualized plans. The results will improve; metabolism, stress management, digestion, detoxification, increase lean muscle mass, and decreasing body fat. The benefits of the plan are a healthier, stronger, leaner and more energized individual. Better overall health with an increased ability to manage stress.

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